Learning to Look 2 - Germany August 2010

Drawings from a series of trips taken over the summer of 2010, collectively known as Learning to Look.

2  -  Germany

Damson Tree Diessen am Ammersee 7.8.10 - Fountain pen 

Arriving in rain washed Bavaria after a 12 hour train ride through Slovenia and Austria. A spectacular alpine journey up through the mountains of Austria and entering Germany as the Alps recede.

Church at Chamerau 8.8.10 - Pencil, 20 minutes

The Regen, brown and a metre above normal levels making canoeing 'interesting'.  The river is wide and fast running between banks of Balsam. Several sightings of beavers along the way.

The Weir at Chamerau 8.8.10 - Pencil 

Untertraubenbach 9.8.10 - Watercolour 

Dicheling 10.8.10 - Watercolour 

The effect of the  beavers on the willow trees!

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