Learning to Look 3 - France August 2010

Drawings from a series of trips taken over the summer of 2010, collectively known as Learning to Look.

3  -  France

Driving across the northern French plain Chartres Cathedral towers above  the surrounding countryside and the town. Staying in a mad and wonderful hotel pressed up against the side of the Cathedral.  Arrived in time for the Son et Lumiere show of computerised projections and sound. Several swift drawings in the morning before heading south .

Hotel Parvis Chartres 18.8.10 - Fountain pen  

Chartes Cathedral 19.8.10 - Fountain pen and wash,  5 minutes 

Chartres West Front - 19.8.10 - Pencil 

The Garden at La Lumiere 21.8.10  -  Watercolour 45 minutes 

St Jalles  21.8.10  - pen and pencil

Faucon in evening light  22.8.10 - Fountain pen, 20 minutes

The Roman Bridge. Powerful stonework  beautifully worn by 2000 years of river floods but still there and carrying the old main road into Vaison.

Roman Bridge Vaison la Romaine 23.8.10 - Fountain pen 

The Roman Bridge Vaison la Romaine 23.8.10 - Pencil

Vaison Old Town 23.10.10 - Fountain pen 

Driving North from Provence through the Vercors

The mountains above Villars de Lans Vercours 25.8.10 - Watercolour 

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