Learning to Look 4 - London September 2010

Drawing from a series of trips taken over the summer of 2010, collectively known as Learning to Look.

4  -  London

Drawing the bridges while in London. Surprisingly difficult subjects and not always beautiful!

Two sketches of Tower Bridge from the beach with the tide coming in fast, (Fountain pen, 10 minutes each). 

Hungerford Bridge 5.9.10 - Charcoal Pencil 

London Bridge and the Monument 6.9.10 - Watercolour 

Journal pages - Learning to draw trees in the National Gallery 

Black Poplar Peckham Rye 10.9.10 - Watercolour 

Black Poplar Peckham Rye 11.9.10 - Fountain pen 10 minutes

Black Poplar Peckham Rye 12-.9.10 - Watercolour  

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