Learning to Look 6 - Essex September 2010

Drawings from a series of trips taken over the summer of 2010, collectively known as Learning to Look.

6  -  Blackwater Estuary - Essex

Five days sailing on the Blackwater Estuary, based at Bradwell. Wallking on the peninsular when the wind was too strong to sail  - Essex at its best.

Windblown clouds - moving at speed!

Cloud Study 13.9.10 - Watercolour 

Oyster 15.9.10 -  Watercolour

Bradwell Waterside 16.9.10 - Watercolour 

High winds producing amazing Constable skies and roaring rigging in Bradwell Marina. Also creating time to paint and draw. 

Bradwell Marina 15.9.10 - Watercolour  

St Peters Church Bradwell  14.9.10

St Peters Church (7th century) and the Cockle Spit at Bradwell.

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