Learning to Look 7 - Istanbul September 2010

Drawings from a series of trips taken over the summer of 2010, collectively known as Learning to Look.

7  -  Istanbul

Flying over ‘Mitteleuropa' and the Danube (again) to an eastern edge of Europe and this City of ancient and less ancient sites. Fought over for most of its history but still very much here, many of its older parts remain 'undiscovered' beneath the modern city. Hagia Sophia, the most mysterious and wonderful of the mosques, not least because it was a church for 1000 years before becoming a mosque and, as it seems, the blueprint for mosque design since.

Haghia Sophia 23.9.10 - Fountain pen  10 minutes 

Sketch of an apse Haghia Sophia 23.9.10 - Fountain pen  10 minutes 

Archeological Museum  24.9.10 - Fountain pen 

Archeological Museum  24.9.10 - Wartercolour 

Sokulu Mehmed Pasa  23.9.10 - Fountain pen and wash 

Sokulu Mehmed Pasa  16th century jewel by the master Sinan,  lined with fabulous tiles and entered from a serene courtyard.

Haghia Sophia - 25.9.10  Watercolour  

A series of 2-3 minute pencil drawings all done from the Bosphorous Boat as we slid by

Bospherous Views  25.9.10 - Pencil

Yeni Mos  25.9.10 - Fountain pen 

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