10 x10 2011 & 2012


Two drawings for the Article 25 "10 x 10" 2012 drawing auction.  This year my square is in Northern Soho, an area apparently rich in urban structure and content - actually quite difficult to draw. These two drawings intended to evoke the place, Georgian houses that originally lined the small streets and the late nineteenth century workplace buildings that now dominate. Bright sun, pea green glazed brickwork, roadworks and good cafes.

Lexington Street September 2012 - Fountain pen and watercolour

Soho Doorcases Brewer Street September 2012 Fountain pen and watercolour

And some exploratory sketches, street works, inside the Star and Garter.....


Two drawings carried out one brisk morning in October for the Article 25 '10 x10' drawing auction 2011.  The site is that of Thomas Cromwell's house at Austin Friars but now a typical narrow city street of late nineteenth century buildings and the looming presence of the Nat West Tower beyond.

Austin Friars   9.10.11 - Fountain pen 

Austin Friars Reflected 9.10.11 - Fountain pen and watercolour

And some preparatory sketches....